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Linoleum Click Floors are easy to install. With a simple "In & Out" system, the panels simply "click" into place (tongue in groove panel.) And, no glue is required, so the floor can be walked on immediately after installation. Linoleum Click Floors is a high-quality product and the ideal flooring for most rooms in the house, from the hallway, and children's rooms, where traffic is likely to be heaviest, to the living room, study or bedroom. This natural, stylish flooring is easily installed and maintained. With the freedom to design your own patterns, you can create your own atmosphere. Enjoy the feeling of having it your way. 


Price Per / sq ft $4.89 / $100.53 per box.
View Linoleum Click Planks and Purchase
7 planks per carton or 20.56 sq ft.
Length: 36"  High: 12" Width  Guage 3/8"
Price Per / sq ft $6.13 / $42.24 per box.
View Linoleum Click Tiles and Purchase
7 tiles per carton or 6.89 sq ft.
Length: 12"  Width 12"  Guage 3/8"

Learn More About What Makes Linoleum "Green"

Linoleum Click Floors are ecologically produced, natural linoleum on HDF with a cork layer, that comes in approx. sizes of 12" x 36" planks and 12" x 12" tiles. Linoleum Click Floors has a top layer of natural  Linoleum ingredients. The main ingredient is natural linseed oil produced by pressing the seeds from the flax plant. The flax plant, the source for linen, is an easy-to-cultivate plant whose supply is abundant. Pine rosins are mixed with the linseed oil to product a flexible binder. The pine trees from which the rosins are extracted exist in abundance throughout the world. Wood flour is obtained through controlled forestry, including the planting of special forests. No tropical hardwoods are ever used. When it comes to our beautiful colors, only ecologically friendly pigments are used. The backing used for Linoleum Click Floors is made from spun yarn of strong jute fiber, grown primarily in India and Bangladesh. Jute is plentiful and highly renewable. 

Anti-static for Easy Cleaning The anti-static properties mean that dust won't cling to it. Keeping your Linoleum Click Floors dust free is easily achieved by dust mopping and damp mopping. Because it is so easy to clean, Linoleum Click Floors makes life easier for people with asthmatic allergies and other respiratory disorders. Linoleum Click Floors does not harbor dust mites and lab tests show that Linoleum Click Floors is bacteriostatic, so micro-organisms don't stand a chance.

Use Linoleum Click Floors for a healthy, hygienic home. Because Linoleum Click Floors is a natural product like wood, it makes your house snug and warm. It reaches room temperature  quickly and can even be used with under-floor heating.