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We sell Recycled Stair Tread that matches the color of our Recycled Wall Base.


Architectual Specifications
Greenfloors Recycled Wall Base contains an average of 10% post industrial content.
Greenfloors Recycled Wall Base may contributes to the LEED "Recycled Content" certification.
Product Description
GreenFloors solid, homogeneous, thermoplastic, Vinyl Recycled Wall Base is constructed of first quality raw materials for indoor use in commercial and residential applications. Vinyl Recycled Wall Base is flexible, which not only makes installations fast and economical, but it helps conceal floor and wall irregularities. It is extruded and molded to provide a tough finish to resist scuffing and gouging. The color is homogeneous throughout the entire thickness of the Recycled Wall Base. The surface texture is an appealing unique matte finish to ensure an attractive juncture of floors and walls. GreenFloors Vinyl Recycled Wall Base is available in several different colors, which allows color coordination with our Recycled Stair Treads.
Product Types
Styles: Straight (Style A), Cove (Style B)
Gauge: 1/8” (3.175mm) and 0.080” (2.03mm)
Heights: 2 _” (6.35cm), 4” (10.16cm), & 6” (15.24cm)
Lengths: 48” sections (1.22m) & 120’ (36.576m) rolls; 120 linear feet (36.58m) per carton
Colors: Currently available in 7 colors. Contact GreenFloors for the latest color selection.
Technical Data
ASTM F 1861, Type TV, Group 1, Styles A & B; (Federal Specification SS-W-40a, Type II, Styles A & B)
ASTM E 648 (NFPA 253), Critical Radiant Flux: Class 1, > 1.0 W/cm2
ASTM E 662 (NFPA 258), Specific Optical Density of Smoke Generated by Solid Materials: Passes
ASTM E 84 (NFPA 255), Surface Building Characteristics of Building Materials: Class C
NFPA 101 Life Safety Code; Trim and Incidental Finish: Interior wall and ceiling finish not in excess of 10 percent of the aggregate wall and ceiling areas of any room or space shall be permitted to be Class C materials in occupancies where interior wall and ceiling finish of Class A or Class B is required.
ASTM F 925, Resistance to Chemicals: Passes
ASTM D 570, Water Absorption of Plastics: < 0.15%
ASTM F 1515, Light Stability: Excellent
Product Limitations
GreenFloors Vinyl Recycled Wall Base is not to be installed over non-porous surfaces such as vinyl or rubber wall coverings, laminated masonite, plastic laminates, or non-porous paints. DO NOT install Recycled Wall Base on outside walls in contact with the ground if moisture or alkali is present. This product is for indoor use only. DO NOT install Recycled Wall Base on any surface that will be exposed to moisture or extreme temperature changes. GreenFloors Recycled Wall Base may be stained if it is allowed to remain in contact with products that may contain staining ingredients such as tires, casters, and walk-off mats. Fading can occur from extensive exposure to heavy direct or glass-filtered sunlight, or unfiltered ultra-violet rays. Ensure any disinfectant, cleaning agent, dye, floor care product, pesticide, or other chemical (solid, liquid, or gas) that may come in contact with the Recycled Wall Base will not produce permanent discoloration and/or damage to the Recycled Wall Base. The Recycled Wall Base is not to come in contact with direct heat, such as radiators, hot ovens, or other heated equipment. Color selections must be made from actual samples as exact matching of color or shade may vary.
General Preparation and Conditioning
Read the literature concerning the product description, product limitations, wall surface inspection, adhesive information, adhesive application and product installation procedures, and warranty before installation. The installation area, Recycled Wall Base, and adhesive are to be maintained between 65° f and 85° f for at least 48 hours before installation, during installation, and 48 hours after the installation. Maintain room temperatures between 55° f and 95° f thereafter. Proceed with the installation only when the conditions are proper and correct. Inspect all material for proper type and color. A bond test should be performed at least 72 hours prior to the scheduled installation to ensure the surface is suitable. There should be extreme difficulty in removing the Recycled Wall Base from the surface. If the back of the Recycled Wall Base becomes soiled prior to installation, clean with a soft cloth dampened with a mild soap and water solution, rinse, let dry.
Wall Surface Inspection
All surfaces should be inspected prior to installation. Use only on structurally sound interior wall surfaces such as dry plaster, cured drywall, exterior grade plywood (Group 1, CC type), concrete, and masonry that are clean, smooth, dry, and structurally sound. All surfaces must be free from moisture, alkali, old adhesive, dust dirt, wax, oil, grease, loose paint, or plaster, non-porous wall coverings or paints, and other extraneous coatings or materials that could prevent a successful bond. Plaster and cement must be thoroughly dry and cured. Any rough or uneven surfaces may telegraph through the Recycled Wall Base. Follow the manufacturer’s recommendations for any patching materials. Warning: When removing old Recycled Wall Base or adhesives, unless they can be positively identified not to contain hazardous materials, you must presume the materials may contain hazardous materials. Follow the recommended practices for the proper removal and disposal of the materials.
Adhesive Application and Product Installation
Spread adhesive with a 1/8” sawtooth spreader evenly on the back of the base or wall surface. DO NOT spread adhesive within _” from the top of the Recycled Wall Base. Caution: DO NOT STRETCH the Recycled Wall Base. The Recycled Wall Base can be stretched while rolling and will later return to its original length causing gaps at the seams. Note: It is important to always roll the base in the direction toward the last piece installed. This practice will ensure a tight fit at the seams. Bond the base to the wall within 15 minutes after adhesive application and lightly roll with a hand Recycled Wall Base roller. Periodically check the back of the Recycled Wall Base to make sure good adhesive transfer occurs. At least 80% of the base must be covered with adhesive. Adhesive open time will vary upon the type of surface, temperature of the surface, ambient temperature, humidity, and proper conditioning of the adhesive. When using an adhesive cartridge with the existing cartridge nozzle in a standard caulking gun, cut the plastic tip diagonally to produce a bead of adhesive _” in diameter. When using the cartridge in an applicator with custom spreader heads, cut the plastic tip to a length of _” or less. Puncture the tab at the bottom of the nozzle with a screwdriver or other appropriate tool. Apply even pressure to the trigger to produce an even flow of adhesive. Whether using the existing nozzle or custom spreader heads, use 2 beads for 2 _”, 3 beads for 4”, and 5 beads for 6” Recycled Wall Base.
Pre-formed inside and outside corners are to be installed prior to the Recycled Wall Base using a 1/8” sawtooth spreader. If not using pre-formed corners, the Recycled Wall Base can be formed around outside corners and mitered for inside corners in the conventional manner by forming on the job. To form an inside corner, cut a groove approximately 1/32” deep and _’ wide on the back of the Recycled Wall Base, make outside cuts on the toe of the Recycled Wall Base at 45° angles, apply adhesive, fold it at a 90° angle then fit it firmly into place in the corner. To form an outside corner, cut a groove approximately 1/32” deep and _” wide on the back of the Recycled Wall Base, apply adhesive, and fit firmly into place around the corner. DO NOT disturb the installed Recycled Wall Base for 48 hours after installation to allow the adhesive to properly set up. Maintain the temperature between 55° f and 95° f thereafter. On non-porous wall surfaces, a water base contact bond adhesive should be used.
Product Maintenance
Some disinfectants, cleaning agents, floor maintenance products, and pesticides may stain or damage the surface of the Recycled Wall Base.
Clean the Recycled Wall Base with a soft cloth dampened with a neutral pH cleaner and warm water solution. Rinse sparingly with water.
Technical Services
Technical Assistance
Technical service information and assistance may be obtained by calling GreenFloors Customer Service.
Limited Warranty
GreenFloors products are warranted for a period of one year from date of installation to be free of defects in material and workmanship, if installed, maintained, and used strictly in accordance with GreenFloors’s written instructions and installed with the recommended GreenFloors adhesive. Notice of any defect must be made in writing to GreenFloors within thirty days after buyer learns of the defect. No merchandise is to be returned prior to GreenFloors’s inspection and written approval. If the product is alleged to be defective, GreenFloors reserves the right to inspect the manner and quality of the installation. GreenFloors assumes no liability for labor costs in the installation of its products that are alleged to be defective. The buyer’s sole and exclusive remedy against GreenFloors and Dealer for claims arising hereunder for any and all losses and damages resulting from any cause shall be receipt of, at GreenFloors’s option, either replacement of the defective merchandise, or a refund of the sale price of the defective merchandise. In no event shall GreenFloors be liable for incidental, consequential, enhanced, or punitive damages, even if some other provision of this Limited Warranty is unenforceable. Buyer must provide proof of purchase and time of purchase and installation. Buyer waives all other claims and remedies of any nature against GreenFloors, whether statutory, based in common law or equity, and including, but not limited to, direct, indirect, special, enhanced, punitive, incidental, and consequential damages. GreenFloors shall have no liability whatsoever to Buyer in the event the goods become defective if such defect is caused in whole or part by cuts, tears, vandalism, fire, willful destruction, spiked footwear, improper use, improper installation, or improper maintenance, accident or act of God. The GreenFloors Vinyl Recycled Wall Base Product Data information concerning Product Limitations, Installation, and Maintenance must be adhered to in order for this Limited Warranty to be valid. Product Data information may be obtained from GreenFloors by writing GreenFloors, Attention: Cove Base product Data, 3170 draper Dr. Fairfax, Va. 22031. Products designated as “seconds”, “mill run”, “non-conforming”, not being of first quality, are sold as-is and GreenFloors makes no warranties whatsoever, expressed or implied. The warranty period commences on the day the material is purchased from GreenFloors. These warranties are expressly in lieu of any other warranties expressed or implied, including, but not limited to any implied warranty of merchantability, exact matching of color, shade, or mottling, or warranties for fitness for a particular purpose. By retaining GreenFloors’s merchandise for more than five (5) days after receipt of such merchandise, Buyer agrees that it accepts the terms of this Limited Warranty and that there are no warranties or rights beyond those contained herein.






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