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Physical Properties
GreenFloors Monet Linoleum is sold in sheets.
Physical Characteristics: (dimensions are approximate)
Width: 79 (2 Meters)
Gauge: 1/10 (2.5 mm)
Backing: Jute

This homogenous floor covering shall be made of natural materials consisting of linseed oil, wood flour, rosin binders, dry pigments, mixed and calendered onto a natural jute backing.

Properties, Performance
- Fire Resistance Smoke Developed, ASTM E662/NFPA 258 450 or less; Critical Radiant Flux, ASTM E648/NFPA 253 Class 1
- Bacteria Resistant Bactericidal
- Static Load Limit 150 p.s.i.
- Meets or exceeds performance characteristics of Federal Specification LF-475A
- Slip Resistance Meets or exceeds Federal Standards and ADA recommendations of .6 for flat surfaces
GreenFloors offers a limited 15 year warranty.
Features, Benefits
- Solid, homogeneous sheet
- Durable, hard wearing
- Bactericidal properties
- Naturally anti-static
- Easy and cost effective maintenance
- Indentation Resistant
- Heat weldable seams






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