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 Product Construction

GreenFloors Limestone Composite Tile is composed of binder (organic), fillers (inorganic) and pigments. The organic binder portion contains vinyl resins, plasticizers additives, and 10%, or greater, recycled vinyl content. The inorganic portion is naturally occuring limestone and represents the vast majority of the product (Approx 85%). Recycled content per total product weight is 1 % or more. Color and Pattern are distributed throughout the thickness of the tile.


Nominal Thickness:  Inches (mm) 0.125 in (3.18mm)

Package/Count: 45/ctn

Weight (Average): Lbs. per carton 64, Lbs per tile 1.41 - kilograms per carton 29

Size: Nominal Size - Inches (mm) 12 in x 12 in (30.5cm x 30.5cm)

Recommended Load Limit: Static Load Limit ps 125 psi (8.79 kc/cm)

Reference Specifications:

ASTM Specification F-1066    Non-Asbestos, Through Pattern Tile (Vinyl Composition - Class II)

Federal Specification: SS-T-312B      Type IV, Composition I

Canadian Specification: CCMC CSA-A126.1  Type A

Fire Test Data:  ASTM E-648 - Critical Radiant Flux, _> 0.45 watts/cm - Passes as Class I

ASTM E-662 Smoke, </= 450  Passes

MIL - STD.1623D  Passes

ASTM E-84 Flame Spread, 25 ft or less       Passes

Durability: Superior Limited 5-Year Commercial Warranty.

 Installation: Adhesive Type, Clear Thin Set  - Spread 200 ft gal

Traffic Performance: Moderate, Heavy, Extra Heavy - Commercial

Meets the requirements of Americans with Disabilities Act for Static coefficient of friction as manufactured.


GreenFloors Limestone Composite Tile is not recommended for use in hospital operating suites, commercial kitchens, exterior areas, or in areas that require static dissipation.

Limestone Composite Tile is not recommended in commercial areas where the consistent temperature either exceeds 100 F (38c) or is below 55F (13c).

Wood sub floors directly on concrete or sleepers, either on or below grade, are unsatisfactory for Limestone Composite Tile installation.

Darker colors of vinyl composition tile may be subject to scratch whitening, requiring more frequent maintenance.








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