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How Do You Clean and Maintain Bamboo Flooring?

A good quality dust mop or vacuum head is the most effective tool for cleaning dust and dirt off of the floor.  The cleaner head must be brush or felt.  To keep your floors looking their best, vacuum clean or dry mop at least twice a week to remove loose dirt or grit before it can scratch the surface of your floors. 

Spills and tracked in dirt can be cleaned by dust mop or a lightly dampened mop.  When using a dampened mop, be sure to dry floor immediately. Oils from asphalt driveways or roads will tend to leave a stain. Be sure to clean shoes and entry mats well. 

In addition to cleaning with water, it may be necessary to clean the floor with a good quality wood cleaner for pre-finished flooring.  DO NOT USE: steel wool, scouring powder, abrasive cleaners or detergents on you bamboo flooring.  Grease, tar or oil can be removed with a cloth that is dampened with light mineral spirits.  This usually lifts lipstick, crayon and most rubber scuffs also. 

To help guard against scratches and dents, place protective pads under furniture legs and chairs.  Make sure the protective pads are large enough to distribute weight evenly.  Use at least one inch wide soft vinyl or rubber rollers when necessary.  The ball type casters may damage your flooring.  If your Bamboo Flooring is adjacent to an exterior door, place doormats outside at the entrance to keep dirt and grit from being tracked inside. 

With the seasonal changes within Canada and the USA, our humidity levels can affect a Bamboo Floor.  In the summer, when humidity is higher, the floor will expand; in the winter, when humidity is lower, the floor will contract.  Maintain the humidity level within the dwelling at least 45% throughout the year, through the use of a dehumidifier/humidifier. 

Do not wax. 







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