Site Conditions:
The installation of GreenFloors® Duet Tile flooring should not
begin until the work of all other trades has been completed,
especially overhead trades. Areas to receive flooring should
be clean, fully enclosed and weathertight with the permanent
HVAC system operational and set at a minimum of 68o F (20o
C) for a minimum of 7 days prior to, during, and 7 days after
the installation. The flooring material should be conditioned in
the same manner for at least 48 hours prior to the installation.
Areas to receive flooring shall be adequately lighted to allow
for proper inspection of the substrate, installation and seaming
of the flooring, and for final inspection.

Floors shall be sound, smooth, flat, permanently dry, clean,
and free of all foreign material such as dust, paint, grease,
oils, solvents, curing and hardening compounds, sealers,
asphalt and old adhesive residue. Wood floors should be
double construction with a minimum total thickness of 1 inch.
Wood floors must be rigid, free from movement and have at
least 18" of well-ventilated air space below. GreenFloors floor
coverings should not be installed over wooden subfloors built
on sleepers over on or below grade concrete floors without
first making sure that adequate precautions have been taken
to ensure the structural integrity of the system, and to prevent
moisture migration from the concrete slab. Concrete
substrates should be prepared in accordance with ASTM F
710. Concrete shall have a minimum compressive strength of
3500 psi. Patch and repair minor cracks and other
imperfections using only the highest quality patching and
leveling compounds in strict accordance to the manufacturer’s
recommendations for their use and application. Floor
covering should not be installed over expansion joints.
Expansion joint covers compatible with the floor covering
should be used. It is essential that moisture tests be
conducted on all concrete floors regardless of the age or
grade level. Conduct calcium chloride tests in accordance
with ASTM F1869. Measure the internal relative humidity of
the concrete slab in accordance with ASTM F2170. One test
of each type should be conducted for every 1000 sq. ft. of
flooring (minimum of 3). The tests should be conducted
around the perimeter of the room, at columns, and where
moisture may be evident. Concrete moisture vapor emissions
must not exceed 5.0 lbs. per 1000 sq. ft. in 24 hrs. when using
GreenFloors linoleum tile adhesive. Concrete internal relative humidity must not exceed 75%. A diagram of the area showing the location and
results of each test should be submitted to the Architect,
General Contractor or End User. If the test results exceed the
limitations, the installation must not proceed until the problem
has been corrected.

Note: Moisture tests indicate conditions at the time of the
test only. The absence of an acceptable vapor retarder
under the slab, changes in the environment, or other
circumstances beyond GreenFloors’s control, may lead to
adverse changes in the moisture condition of the
concrete. GreenFloors’s warranty shall not be extended to
cover damage or failures caused by moisture conditions
in excess of specified limits that occur after the time of
initial testing or installation.

Use only GreenFloors Linoleum Tile adhesive. For optimum performance in areas with heavy rolling loads, or for additional protection from topical moisture, use GreenFloors 660 adhesive.
Use a 1/16” X 1/16” X 1/16” square notch trowel.
Spread Rate: Approximately 150 sq ft/gallon.
Install material into wet adhesive.

Heat Welding (OPTIONAL):
For seamless, hygienic, watertight installation requirements,
use GreenFloors color-matched welding rod.

Limited 5-year warranty. For complete details, contact GreenFloors.

After installation is completed, allow a minimum of 5 days for
the adhesive to properly bond and cure before conducting wet
cleaning procedures.