9 tiles (10.76 ft²) Tile Size approx: 13” x 13” tiles, Guage: 2.5 mm
20 tiles (53.82 ft², 5 m²) Tile Size: 20” x 20” tiles, Guage: 2.5 mm



Construction: GreenFloors® Linoleum Duet Tile is a homogeneous floor
covering made primarily of natural ingredients that include
linseed oil, rosin binders, wood flour, limestone and dry
pigments which are mixed and then calendared onto a
polyester backing to ensure optimum dimensional stability.

Physical Characteristics: (dimensions are approximate)
Size -------------13” x 13” approx. (33.3 cm x 33.3 cm)
20” x 20” approx. (50 cm x 50 cm)
Gauge----------1/10” (2.5 mm)

Sustainable Platinum Certified to the Market Transformation to
Sustainability (MTS) SMART Sustainable Product Standard

Reference Specification:
ASTM F2195 Standard Specification for Linoleum Tile
Flooring: Type I
GreenFloors® Duet Tile meets or exceeds all technical
requirements as set forth in this reference specification

Static Load Limit:
1500 Pounds per square inch when tested in accordance with
ASTM F 970-00, Standard Test Method for Static Load Limit.

Slip Resistance:
GreenFloors® Duet Tile meets or exceeds A.D.A.
recommendation of .6 for flat surfaces when tested in
accordance with ASTM D 2047.

Castor Resistance:
EN 425: Suitable for office chairs with castors

Impact Sound Reduction:
6db when tested in accordance with ISO 20717-2
Contact Forbo Technical Services for additional information.

Resistance to Bacteria:
GreenFloors® Duet Tile provides a self-sanitizing quality in the
form of a bactericidal effect. Independent testing has shown
that GreenFloors® Duet Tile has a sterile zone around the
material that inhibits the growth of organisms such as
staphylococcus aureas and Clostridium difficile.

Fire Testing:
ASTM E 648/NFPA 253 (Critical Radiant Flux)-Class 1
2.7 Cigarette Resistance:
GreenFloors® Duet Tile resists cigarette burns. Burning
cigarettes will leave only a brown mark, which can be rubbed
out using steel wool or a scouring pad.

Chemical Resistance: (Exposure time one hour)
Diluted Acids – Sulfuric, Nitric, Hydrochloric, Acetic, Lactic,
Citric:No Effect
Sodium Hydroxide: Softening
Ammonia:  Poss. Softening
Soda Solution, Soap Solution (Slightly Alkaline):  No Effect
Gasoline, White Spirit, Paraffin, Benzene, Toluene, Methyl
Alcohol, Methyl Ethyl Ketone, Ethyl Acetate, Ether,
Acetone:  Poss. Softening
Mineral Oil, Vegetable Oil, Animal Fat:   No Effect
Blood, Urine, Excrement:   No Effect
Lipstick:  No Effect
Formaldehyde, Hydrogen Peroxide 3%:  No Effect
Hot Chili Paste, Shoe Polish, Iodine:   Staining
Betadine:  Staining
Silver Nitrate:   Staining/Poss. Softening
Bitumen:   No Effect
Methylene Blue:  Staining
Salt Water:   No Effect
Tested in accordance with ASTM F 925, Standard Test
Method for Resistance to Chemicals of Resilient Flooring
** GreenFloors® Duet Tile is NOT resistant to prolonged
exposure to high alkalis.